Touch energy healing


Touch energy healing was presented to Dwainia by Yogi Raj in 2007, as an energy form used for healing purposes, physical mental spiritual emotional. It is an energy transmission that does not necessarily require physically touching the body. The process is very simple yet very effective. Through this type transmission healing can take place. All lifeforms have energy. This energy is since my own life forms. All beings are able to since this energy, whether consciously or unconsciously. It is possible to teach oneself to be more conscious of this energy.


Here is an example of how the energy transmission takes place. Recall when you think of a person then they call text or show up? Your energies connected subconsciously. Or when you walked past someone and you get a good or bad feeling. You may get a  apprehensive or over Joyous feeling or sometimes out right fear from the persons energy. This would be a more unconscious recognition. (You just know somethings not right or something is very good.)


To become more consciously aware of how this energy works in our daily lives, here is a simple practice To enhance your ability and become more conscious of your thoughts words and energy. With a family member or close friend come together and agree that you will do thought transferences or energy transferences with each other. Who  ever goes first write down on a piece paper the energy you want to transfer/transmission to then. While both of you are sitting still, the sender (which is you send your thought to the person. Project your thoughts or feelings mind/body to mind/body. Sit still quietly give yourselves a couple minutes, then ask the person what they felt from you. Once this is done then show them what you wrote on the paper. Check for accuracy they received your energy. Practice  this back and forth until it becomes second nature and your accuracy rate increases. Enjoy.


18 layer Chakra Aura cleanse


This process covers nine (9) Layers on the physical plane and nine (9) layers on the out of planes, a total of 18 layers. The cleansing process is asking to remove anything that would hold the individual back from reaching their highest potential on their soul purpose path for their highest good and this now. It includes removing any blocks, chains, energy blocks, cords or attachments from prior lifetimes.     


Transmission of this 18 layer chakra aura cleanse was given to Kathleen Scott, who transmitted it to Dwainia ( one of the many the transmission was passed to}. The beginning of this process, YL essential oil’s are applied to the Shoulders, neck, ears, hands, feet in to the third eye to the crown chakra. Essential oils are applied to these areas based on the needs of the individual receiving the cleanse. The calling on specific Arch Angels are called present and the use of a number of pendulums needed for the completion of the cleansing process.



One Complete 18 layer chakra Aura cleanse is necessary. The cleanse removes energies, blocks, chains, cords and attachments from prior lifetimes. Once completed, any present concerns, mind, body or spirit following the cleanse are addressed via crystal jewelry healing, Reiki or other healing service including pendulum that may be needed.


Approximate time for the 18 Layer Chakra Aura Cleanse: 60- 90 minutes/ session

The 18 Layer Chakra Aura Cleanse can also be done by distance method.


“I came in to my appointment with a pretty negative attitude, a body in pain, and heavy baggage weighing on my heart.  Dwainia could see my anxiety as we started out session.  Throughout our session she helped me to relax and encouraged me to share what I was feeling.  I woke up the next morning free of nearly all my usual bodily aches – some of which I had been experiencing for over 6 years – and with a new outlook on life.  I’ve recommended the 18 Layer Chakra Aura Cleanse to many of my friends, and I believe that it is life changing!” R. H. (testimonial)


Reiki Level I & II


Reiki energy is considered a holistic approach to bring about healing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The energy is described to flow through the Reiki practitioners hands to the area touched on the individual receiving Reiki. Reiki is said to know where the individual needs healing, the Reiki Practitioner does not need to nor does the Reiki practitioner direct the energy. The energy knows where it needs to go. These sessions are distance also..


60-90 minute sessions


Here are Reiki principles to live by:


  • Kyo Dakewa Today Only

  • Ikaruna  Do Not Anger

  • Shinpai Suna Do Not Worry

  • Kansha Shite With Thankfulness

  • Gyo Wo Hageme Work Diligently
  • Hito Ni Shinsetsu Be Kind To Others


Distance Healing


As a natural healer, (a person who was born with a knowing of healing modalities and consciously knowing with an understanding of the process of energy transmissions  ability to heal distantly or remotely, in person also), distance healing process utilizes any one or all of the following: semi precious gemstones, essential oils, sage, other herbs, affirmations and direct energy transmission. Any of these tools used are determined by the need of the individual and the level of request submitted.         


Distance healing similar to Reiki distance healing, does not require the use of symbols for the transmission of energy. It is based upon the need and intentions of both the recipient and the  transmitter of the energy with the energy from the gemstones 💎 , essential oils and herbs 🌿.

Sessions: 20, 30, 45 and 60 minutes.