Awakening to yourself is the most beautiful journey you will ever go on. As we walk through life we find ourselves lost at times wondering what it’s all about, why we’re here, what are we supposed to do while here. We’ve been told of the material acquisition we should achieve, such as purchasing a home, nice car, live in a nice neighborhood. Most times we’ve not been told the beauty of self discovery. Most times the self has been squashed down to meet the standards of whatever society we find ourselves in. Over the years, the discoveries I have come to realize, staying within the boundaries creates a level of comfort for all around slowing the growth process of being. If we would look around we will see the trees never stop growing. They are constantly dropping leaves sometimes limbs yet they still reach for the heavens. We are to do the same thing, drop old leaves 🍁 (thought forms) limbs (attachments to people places and things), this way make room for all the new and wonderful gifts 🎁 awaiting us from the Universe.


Here are some methods affirmations items and services that will aid you along your journey of self discovery.




  • Cure Illness with stillness. by Luisah Teish
  • All you need is desire knowledge ACTION discipline to get you through. by unknown
  • Continue seeking on the journey of life. Obstacles come and obstacles go. Life continues and so do you .by Dwainia
  • Strive for your perfection not that of others. Rise as the sun. Shine bright. Just BE. By Dwainia
  • Happiness is who you are naturally. Naturally Happy. The Being by nature is happy. The love and peace is the perfume, it belongs to you. By unknown




  • Meditation. Why the necessity of silence. Remember the affirmation “ cure illness with stillness” by Luisah Teish. Being still, allows our self to be open to hear the silence. There is sound in the silence.   Here are some things one may experience during meditation. Once you are still, listen to the silence. Let go of any thoughts that come into your mind. The thoughts will come, the thoughts will leave. The idea is to not hold onto any thought. There may be experiences you will have while meditating. The same applies, let the experiences come, let the experiences go. You will not forget the experience. Let it register within yourself.  Messages will come. Upon completion of your meditation write down what you experienced in a journal for later reference.


  • The Mirror. When you’re ready stand in front of a mirror look yourself dead in the eyes recognize the parts of you that are weak recognize the parts of you that are strong. Realize that you are the being that is driving the car, which is the body. Acknowledge the weaker aspects of the self with love. Then the part of you that you know is strong, establish with the weaker part it is time for that aspect of self to step aside so the stronger self can arise.  This is something I discovered to do when I was very young. It is come in handy when you have those moments where you need to present yourself and fear tries to come in. Utilize the mirror to advance yourself into greater awareness of yourself.