Jewelry Healing

Jewelry Healing


There are many people in the world who wear jewelry daily. Many wear jewelry for aesthetic value. There are many places in the world where jewelry has some form of significance for the wearer,  be it for protection or healing.


Being a lover of jewelry, there a rose one day an igniting from within for a more in-depth reason to wear jewelry. While in a gem store looking to purchase a necklace for a friend, the shop approached Dwainia saying ‘you have good energy you should make the necklace. Hence the creation of healing gemstone jewelry.


As we observe the world going through transitions, many are turning to crystals and other natural forms of healing to attain better health, clarity of mind, stamina, and strengthening of the soul.


Why not enhance your healing with beautiful aesthetically pleasing semi precious gemstone jewelry also known as crystals jewelry. Wearing healing gemstone jewelry promotes and brings  Mind, Body and Spirit into balance creating a more harmonious environment around your self. We attract what emanates from our being. Let us enhance ourselves to emanate beauty with healing gemstone jewelry.



Everyone’s needs are different and unique, hence ALL healing gemstone jewelry are one of a kind created uniquely for you. If you see a piece of jewelry in the collection you may find of interest, the item created for you will have its own unique variation. Please inquire for more information..


Each piece of healing gemstone jewelry is created after a  consultation has been made to determine what is best to assist in resolving and balancing energies from situations need addressing. The need for affirmations or essential oils is taken into consideration with the creation of your unique piece of healing gemstone jewelry.  



Indigenous Medicine Self-Determination Saaku* are designed to address the needs of people based on the individuals personal and spiritual evolution. These Saaku include any one or all of the following      healing gemstones, essential oils, essential oil-infused crystals, herbs, affirmations and prayers. Indigenous cultural medicine is inclusive of healing gemstones, essential oil‘s,  herbs affirmations and prayers. These Saaku are created just as the healing gemstone Jewelry, except they are in a Saaku to carry around in your pocket or on your body.

*Saaku means pouch in Dwainia’s ancestral language.