Still the restless Mind Body and Spirit. Awareness.




“As we meditate, still our minds, speak to the Above, the Sun shines dissolves the vapors of fog from our visions and we see! How comforting.”


BELIEF          Something believed, an opinion or conviction.

FAITH            Confidence or trust in a person or thing.

KNOW           To perceive or understand as fact or truth, to apprehend clearly and with certainty.

LIBATION      A pouring out of wine or other liquid in honor of….(your Ancestors)


Find a quiet place in your home (not the bedroom), facing East. Create an altar. Find an are for your altar. Clean the area and the items that will be on your altar. Use white Sage to clear any residue of energy that may be present.  Let this be your Sacred Place you go with ALL your needs and request for self and others.(always go barefoot before your altar and Sacred Place. Dress respectfully.





A white candle; for purity and to light your way.

Incense; to carry your needs and requests upward to the Above.

Water-libation; to acknowledge and honor your Ancestors. For without them YOU would not BE.

Pray a prayer of protection and guidance. Breathe three deep breaths from your belly, release slowly and evenly.


Now imagine a funnel 2-3 feet above your head. Allow the Pure Love of “God” to flow from on High through the funnel into your body. from your head to your shoulders, down your arms to your fingertips. Feel the Pure Love flowing, down your torso through your hips, legs then down to the tips of your toes. Feel the Love. Allow that love to absorb into every cell in your body. Relax in this love a few moments.


Now let all your situations come before your minds eye.  Imagine a giant soap bubble in front of you. Put your situations in the bubble, whatever the situation may be, place them in the bubble.


Let the bubble begin to float up slowly to the sky, above the clouds, to the heavens, the stars into the other galaxy. Let the bubble with your situations burst into the Pure Love of “God” back into the tiny particles they are. Back into the pure love of creation, .


Now rest in this Pure Love. Feel it tingling throughout your body, your being. Continue to rest in this love energy for a while. Breathe and Exhale 5 times. Feel the release.


Go here often, you will remain centered as you go to this realm. Be creative!


Pick a time, the same time daily to do your meditation. Start out 5-15 minutes and build up your meditation time over time. Be patient with yourself.