Meet Toyace T Dance


Toyace is a Natural Healer. She uses ‘Touch Energy’. She comes from a long line of Healers. All of her life she has heard stories of family members endowed with ‘gifts’; Grandparents knowing of events before their time…

The symptoms

Are you experiencing:

Depression or anxiety
Difficulty in making decisions
Career problems
Relationship problems

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Start your journey of transformation


Engage the realms of pure love, peace and inner calm through meditation. Unlocking doors, opening pathways, revealing untapped potential and opportunities for growth.

All Natural Healings

Release restrictions from realms known and unknown with Touch Energy Healing Services. Discover the various methods of Energy healing available.


Have you wanted to know what your life purpose is, why you were born and what you are to accomplish? Get your in-depth hard copy Numerology book of your life destiny today!


Ready to bring freshness to the life journey, like walking upon a beautiful garden along the pathway. Let’s explore and awaken together!


Let’s get focused on your deepest desires. Personal & Spiritual LifeCoach assist you to focus, remove “the reason why” , the “I would but” from your subconscious and conscious mind.

Jewelry Healing

Semi-precious Gemstone jewelry designed to promote energetic healing and protection. The aesthetically pleasing, sacredly empowered one of a kind jewelry pieces can also be custom created.

Ocean Inspirations


Speech about the book


In Ocean Inspirations author Toyace T Dance presents the opportunity for deep introspection and inspires you to develop a better awareness of yourself. 

Filled with inspirational poems and photographs to guide you along life’s pathway, this collection addresses a variety of themes and messages including openness, change, peace, loneliness, awareness, the power of God, and the importance of minding your thoughts. In “Along the Pathway”.