Gems & Juice


Gems & Juice is a collaboration of 11 women from around the world who are sharing their powerful stories and practical wisdom to transform your life. These Women are Wholistic Healers, who have come together sharing their wisdom and knowledge as a part of the global community for the healing of humanity. Included in the book are links to each of these women’s websites and social media link making their in-depth knowledge available to all.


Enjoy the wisdom shared on these women. Enjoy the journey, the journey of life.


More info about Toyace:


As the owner of, Toyace provides natural hair services for a global clientele. She is a Certified Personal and Spiritual Life Coach (, is a Highly Sensitive Empath. She is trained in Reiki Levels 1 & 2, her Reiki Master training is in progress. She also creates semiprecious gemstone jewelry designed to promote energetic healing and protection. Toyace is a natural healer coming from an extensive line of healers with many gifts not listed in this space. She has a certificate of completion in basic herbalism and 18 Layer Chakra Aura Cleanse.


Toyace’s life mission is to share her knowledge and wisdom of transformation with all mankind. She is the author of two books, Ocean Inspirations, Thoughts Upon the Water, Inspirations for Weathering Life’s Storms (published 2009, ISBN 978-1-4269-2661-7; published 2016, ISBN 978-1-4907-6679-9 (SC) and 978-1-4907-6678-2). Her books are available at,, and


Throughout her journey Toyace has had to transform herself many times. Through observation of the natural flow of life she has accomplished the “Art of Transformation”.