Touch Energy work


“When I walked in, Ms Toyace was really kind and informative. The vibe around her establishment was very warm. calm, and inviting. She helped me channel my energy in a positive way while detecting both mentally and physically tense areas. She later recommended exercising and techniques that will prove very beneficial for me. I am glad that took part in this mind opening experience and I recommend this to anyone and everyone. Thank you“- Toyace’s client



Toyace is a Natural Healer. She uses ‘Touch Energy’. She comes from a long line of Healers. All of her life she has heard stories of family members endowed with ‘gifts’; Grandparents knowing of events before their time, Aunts who were born with ‘ veils’ also known as ‘caul’ over their face, which allowed them sight into the unseen realms. A Great Uncle who was a known Healer (DOB 1879),in Arkansas where people would come from all over for him to lay hands and heal.


Born into this world with ‘gifts’ (not realizing) yet thinking that everyone could see as she does, had her awakening at 35 years of age. With shades up and the lights on, much change ignited in her life.


Toyace’s remembrance of how to pray at age 5, recalls her prayers saying ” ….and I pray for everybody in the whole wide world” and had her 1st conscious experience at hearing what we call the ‘Voice of God’, remembers being told how her life would be, and she responded with, “Does it have to be?”, and she heard ” Yes”, and responded, ” Okay then”.


Toyace’s life has been a journey of great evolutionary changes. She also, at 5 years old, began observing life in other realms, by looking for 4 leaf clovers, a very lucky thing on the East Coast to find a 4 leaf clover. Looking in the dirt in the clover field, she would see a whole world of life that most people did not see or notice. She could and still can smell strongly where Earthworms are in the ground.


Toyace has a keen sense of smell, hearing and sight is extremely sensitive to the energy and vibrational shifts in the atmosphere. Growing up with these sensitivities made life challenging. People would say that she was too sensitive, needs to get thicker skin. The remarks plagued her most of her life. The situation caused her to dig deep into the very essence of her being to seek out the ‘why’ to all the sensitiveness.


Toyace’s Life Evolution presents her as; a Natural Healer, Touch Energy work, healing work with semi-precious gemstones, a Certified Life Coach Personal and Spiritual, Expressions in Healthy Lifestyles, Self-Healing, and Spiritual Enlightenment,(Numerology, to know what your name means is a Spiritual Awakening). In Nature, observing, contemplating, analyzing and understanding, was a form of meditation,for Toyace. She has been meditating consciously since she was 5 years old. She has had a Altar in her home and been very health conscious since she was 19 years old. She now maintains a Vegan lifestyle.


Toyace’s Life Journey of transformation has brought her to the Apex of her journey, to give back to the people. For through the interaction with people comes the opportunity to grow.  And as the Redwood and Sequoia trees continue on the upward and outward growth, rooted deep and ever expanding, so are our lives are. These natural gifts and abilities are continuing to blossom.


Toyace holds a degree in Early Childhood Educ. Works as a cosmetologist and business owner. Has a BS Degree in Business management and a Phd in Life Experience. She is a author of the book, Ocean Inspirations, thoughts upon the water, Inspirations for Weathering Life Storms. She is a Personal & Spiritual Certified Life Coach, has training in Medical Martial Arts. Toyace works with utilises and creates healing jewelry with semi precious gemstones  in her healing work. Toyace also studies traditional indigenous spiritual systems and ancient cultural history.


“Enjoy the Journey”