Crystals Crystals Everywhere Crystals

Crystals Crystals Everywhere Crystals

Crystals are everywhere catching our attention. Crystals are  also known as semi- precious gemstones 💎. I choose to call them  semi precious gemstones because they are so  precious. They give so much of themselves without asking very much in return. Let us honor the beauty and power of semi precious gemstones.

1) With so  many crystal stores, what do I do!?!  

The many crystals stores you can walk into and see online, will give you wonderful choices from the variety of crystals available. Take your time. Explore the pages or crystal displays. Pay attention to which ones you are drawn to.

2) How do I choose a crystal?

Crystals have a way of reaching out to you.  When you are drawn to a particular crystal, the energy of the crystal is connecting with your energy. Hold the crystal sense how it feels, how it resonates with you.

When I have had experiences of crystals reaching out to me, I buy the Crystal and go home look up the meaning to find it is exactly what I needed at that moment in time. Here’s an example: I was in a Crystal store in Santa Monica, California. There was a box of crystals I looked in, to find this beautiful Ocean Jasper.  The energy pull was so strong I purchased the crystal without knowing it’s meaning or purpose. Upon looking up the meaning in one of my crystal books, the Ocean Jasper is a bringer of peace. It was the perfect crystal for a situation that needed peace. The purchase was perfect.

Follow your intuition or your feelings to connect with crystals.

3) How do I know what the crystals are good for and will work for me?

To know what crystals are good for you, what they can do for you, will require a little more work. When you want to be more specific about your crystal needs, in areas of mental, physical,  emotional or energy balancing needs. Grab a crystal book, I suggest The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall. This book is a nice starting place for learning about crystals. There will be many crystals representing the desired results you want. Once you have located the crystals, make comparisons, use your intuition to guide you to the best one(s) for you. It is a good thing to be clear with your intentions, crystals are very sensitive and powerful and pick up your vibrations. Have fun, enjoy the journey.

Here is a crystal I suggest my clients wear daily, Black Tourmaline.(to be worn as a necklace over the thymus gland). It is an overall protector from geomagnetic smog, ill will and jealousy amongst other things.  

Each blog will feature a new crystal, it’s uses, source, minerals & energy center it works best with.

See you next blog 😀