Everyone wants to feel good, have good health, friends, family, abundance  and overall happy life. You may say yes I want these things, how do I go about getting them?

Well there are a few steps we need to do to begin the journey of self healing. We will 1) sit down with a pad and paper, be honest with yourself, write down the things you know you may not be so nice, about yourself.

Being able to take an honest look at your self is the first step in self-healing.

Write the first things that come to your mind. We don’t want any heavy brainstorming, it can make you tired before you start. Then we say I’ll do it another time.

So let’s just keep it simple and write the things you know you do that does not bring happiness to you.

You can also write the things that different people may say to you that is the same.   The list does not have to be long it can be one or two items.

Now that we have our list, sit still a quiet place by yourself where you will not be disturbed for 5 to 10 minutes (the Pure Love Meditation can be used for this exercise). Look at the items on your list. After looking at them for couple minutes make a decision that you want to eliminate the behavior that makes you unsatisfied.

Once you’ve done that we’re going to sit still again placing those items on our pad projecting them off the pad and out of our brain into a little soap bubble. Once you have them in the soap bubble we’re going allow the soap bubble to float up  in the sky. When you see the soap bubble quite a distance from you, let the words and energy of those words burst like the soap bubble burst with that rainbow we see at times on the soap bubble into nothingness. All gone 😀, let your thoughts be clear unclogged by the old energy.  Repeat this as often as you need. Over time you will notice more positive happy thoughts, that turn into happy fun actions. Repeat, repeat, repeat. With every session you do you will find yourself happier as time moves on. Enjoy your progress. See you soon.